Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Zebra Crossings

You must have seen zebra crossings on the roads. These are meant for pedestrians. The rule is that if a pedestrian is walking on a zebra crossing, he (or she) must be given the first priority to cross the road. That is if you are approaching the zebra crossing driving your vehicle at the same moment as someone is walking on the zebra crossing, you must slow down the vehicle and even stop it before the crossing if needed. But it is also an offence to stop the vehicle on the zebra crossing and block it.

Zebra crossings are also present at the road-crossings having traffic lights. Here the rule is a bit different. Here both the pedestrians and vehicle-drivers have to obey the traffic lights, that is either of them can move only when the light is green. However one thing is same: If you stop your vehicle because of red light, you must stop it before the zebra crossing. For when there is red light on your path, there is green light on the path of pedestrians; and you must not block their path.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

How to deal with a Difficult Situation

Difficult situations which turn up in the life are of various kinds. I will explain a method to deal with one specific kind.

This kind of difficult situation is characterized by a sequence of difficult days over a long period of time. In each of these days, which are though not necessarily consecutive, we may have to face a problem of different kind.

In such a situation, we must concentrate on the problem we are going to face first of all and should forget that there will be any more problems. In other words, we should care for the problems of the present day only. That is, we should live in the “Day-tight Compartments”, (Carnegie, 17).

We should do our best to tackle it. As we will concentrate on only one problem at a time, we will be able to deal with it efficiently. Moreover, as we will succeed to tackle one problem, we will become more confident to tackle the next one. Once we are successfully done with nearly half of the problems, we will enjoy dealing with the rest.

An illustration of such a difficult situation is the period of examination which consists of a sequence of several tests at the end of an academic session during which we could not have prepared well. In this situation, we must concentrate on the topic of one test at a time. However, if some test, which is not the last one, happens to be very difficult and we still manage somehow to do it well; we will rejoice, may become overconfident too and take the rest of the tests easily. This should be avoided. To be able to concentrate on our target is essential not only during the days of trouble, but also in the moments of happiness.

In the difficult situation, as illustrated above, we know in advance, the dates on which we are to face the problems. We also know a little bit about the kind of problems we are going to have. But certain situations in the life, though of similar kind, become much more difficult to handle.

Such difficult situations too last over a long period of time. But these usually turn up any time, all of a sudden. We do not know when we will be in a trouble and what kind of problems we will face. The basic technique however, to handle such a situation remains the same. As soon as a problem arises, we should coolly concentrate on it without bothering about what will happen next and try our best to tackle it.

Such a difficult situation is illustrated below:

A person is very near and dear to you. He has fallen sick and is serious. He has been admitted in a hospital. You are to take care of him.

Thus you are to spend money on his treatment. You also have to stay near him at night. You have to sleep on a bench and have to get up any time as per the requirement. In the day time someone else is there to attend him but you have to do your job. For, earning money is also important. In this situation, it is not known when and how much you have to spend. Apart from all these hardships, you never know when you have to hear a bad news.

As far as the hardships are concerned, they will not last for ever. One by one, you can overcome all of them. But the main problem in this situation is that of worry. And there is a magic formula for solving worry situations, (Carnegie, 30). According to this formula, one should mentally prepare oneself to accept the worst that can happen and then try to improve on that.

Now what is the worst that can happen in the situation we are discussing? It is the death of the fellow who has been near and dear to you. You should try your best to let it not happen but should also be prepared to accept this eventuality. You need the company of some affectionate person in this. Music can also help you. It can soothe you, for it is an expression for love. As Sydney Lanier, the poet, said, “Music is Love in search of a word” (Thompson, 14).


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Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Ultimate Goal of Yoga

The ultimate goal of yoga is realization of self and supreme soul - the God. This goal is achieved through meditation (Raj-Yoga). Actually meditation means relaxing of the mind, which is not easy for a beginner. Prior one knows how to relax the mind, one has to learn how to relax the body, which is done through exercises (Hath-Yoga).